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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part II

It's Palm Sunday for Christians and April Fools day for pranksters. Passover begins on Friday.

A new class of performance is not getting it's due. Actor Willem Dafoe played a nine foot alien with six arms in "John Carter of  Mars." He says he gets upset when someone says he "voiced" the computer generated character, since he spent six hard months performing the character on a performance capture sound stage (to actors "motion capture" is a management bias term...since what is really happening is that their performance is being recorded on computer). From "Avatar" to "Planet of the Apes", "Lord of the Rings" to "Hugo" actors are creating characters that are then altered and enhanced through computers, providing the core humanity for the characters, something computers alone have yet to generate.

3-D is pulling an April Fools Joke on all of us, with 3-D dollars coming in on the three to ten extra bucks charged to see a film in 3D. Of course 3D cannot make characters more than one dimensional. Even the best older movies were made for 2D and are being converted from their original vision just as Ted Turner made black and white classics into colorized films. The primary reason for conversion is to milk old cows and provide product for the increasing number of 3D movie screens and anticipated 3D craze for home televisions. Without product, or soft-ware as movie and TV content is now called, those expensive product conversions will not turn the corner into profitable for the manufacturers and theaters.

75% say they are not going to play a prank today, April Fools Day.
22% say they will.
3% forgot it was April Fools Day.

"There is a sucker born every nano-second" to modernize PT Barnum's famous slogan (which is also a hoax, as he never actually said that). April Fools Day is a good day to talk about how gullible Americans have become, believing stories sent over the Internet or passed on by politicians or  sold to us by Karl Rove and others, or told to us by someone who knows what we want to hear or already want to believe.

63% of  Republicans polled say they do not want Rick Santoum to drop out of the Republican Presidential Nomination race. Despite Romney taking a commanding lead Santorum remains possible for a convention nominated candidate or at the very least a major conservative voice for the party to have to deal with. He did not say he would not drop out when and if Romney gets the required number of delegates prior to the convention in Tampa, but did say that for the party to succeed it needs to be true to the party's grass roots, and the party's mission.

Only one time in 120 years has a Republican defeated a democrat incumbent, and that was Ronald Reagan over a very besieged Carter, who was cursed with the hostage crisis in Iran and the defection of religious groups who supported him when he ran for office four years earlier.

While polls vary, depending on who is paying for them or the bias of those interpreting them, scientific method polling by organizations that historically are accurate show that President Obama will win the popular vote by at least 10%, but risks a loss in the electoral college come November. Of course a great deal can change before November. Republicans are receiving 80% of media coverage, much of the interest of those who follow the news and benefit from current top of mind. The economy, military engagements, employment, levels of burn out on politics or apathy could well impact the race and shift actual November voting habits from where candidates stand in polls today.

While the media is leaning toward making the public uncertain about the heath care law and that overturning it is a real possibility, constitutional scholars and history itself say that most likely Obamacare will be upheld. Any vote the other way will make this the most activist court since the Great Depression. Nearly two thirds of Americans say the health care bill should be overturned, at least in part. A campaign against it still warns of "death panels", "health insurance being cancelled" "illegal when that part of the low takes effected), that Obamacare is responsible for the rising cost of health care (again, the provisions that would lower rates and control medical cost have yet to take effect so they could not be driving up costs) and

Can we ever return to balanced journalism?  A few important changes are occurring now. First are robotic reporters. Actual robot programs read police and other records and turn them into news stories, without a human being being involved in the process. The need for advertising drives content, pages, six minute content increments on TV and radio and priorities, making true balanced reporting or an honest prioritization of what will be reported and how more about readers or viewers than truth and balance.


Anonymous said...

The fisrt thing I did this morning was call my bpyfriend and told him I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant! We only live five minutes away from each other driving and he started running down the street to my house! When he got to my house I opened the door and said April Fools! And I texted all my friends and family and told them the same thing. Only one person did not fall for it! haha

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

Anonymous said...

didn't play any Aprils fools jokes, would like to see john carter some day I am gonna have to seriously study that Karl rove when I get a chance I am gonna skip the politics post and robots that report the news what next soon machines will do everything.

Jason Walden com 101-4044

Anonymous said...

Paid 30 bucks for 2 tickets to Wrath of the Titans. I was so angry about the price that i couldn't enjoy the sucky movie! I, on this day, vow to never see a 3D movie again as along as I live. Let's see if Titanic can make another 100 million.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049