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Monday, January 14, 2013

Persuasive Presentation - Blood Donation


Katrin Clyde said...

Very good Persuasive Speech. It is always good to know that what you do helps with other people's lives and donating blood also makes you feel good about yourself because you feel proud of the fact that you are making a difference in someones life. It gives me something to think about and possibly take some action.

Anonymous said...

I thought this speaker did well, especially towards that later part of her speech. I was unaware that donors are able to donate their blood for their own surgery and that one donation can help 8 different people. Funny that this was posted, the American Red Cross bus is coming to our office tomorrow and I am proud to say that I am on the list to donate. Thank you for posting.

Jessica Pena

Jess Kobayashi said...

I wanted to watch this speech to see if I would be motivated to give up a pint. Textbook wise, it was an excellent speech. Her points were clearly stated, she spoke clearly, made eye contact, and had clearly defined introduction, established need, positive and negative sides and a clear conclusion. That being said, she could have been talking about changing the oil in your car every three thousand miles. The pathos wasn't really there for me. She had the same tone when talking about a child dying of cancer and getting juce and cookies after your donation. I am also not sure that adding that it takes 45 min is a great seller as well. She did state a problem, establish need, and a solution which are all parts of a successful persuasion speech. There was a clear action that could be taken, although I am not sure you can get people to donate every two months, especially lacking the enthusiasm. I think that also made it seem really long. BUt it is definitely a good model of preparation as well, she was very rehearsed, almost too so, but very informative.

-Jess Kobayashi