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Friday, April 20, 2012



Anonymous said...

Wow,who would have known he was talking about his dog.It had similarity to the writer story of Makaveli and also Tupac who also called himself Makaveli.This video marketing was good because it tuned you into thinking this kid was a problem child on the streets but was really saving a dog's life which in turn saved his.

Tayari Freeman

Anonymous said...

The firs tthing I thought was "What the heck is this kid talking about??? He is only ten!!" But then when I realized what it was about I just kepy smiling! It is really cute! And today there was pet-a-palooza at Sam Boyd Stadium too, so I am all puppied out!!

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

Anonymous said...

Jeff (Phoenix HUM/114) Wow! Here I thought this kid was a thug and he ends up being a good kid who saved a dog that saved him. I guess my critical thinking skills need to improve a little more. I was bias and prejudge mental before I had all of the information. I think thats whats wrong with a lot of people these days, they judge too quickly and don't critically think an entire situation all the way through.

A Carlos Com 101-4049 said...

Rescue dogs are the best, I have rescued 4 so far, two of which I still have. They are the most lovable dogs out there, greateful for the second or in our case Cliff had been back to the shelter 3 times from what I am told. This video tells us about a little boy who rescued a dog and in the process was lifted above his surroundings, maybe being responsible and having to awnser to someone or for something is the awnser. I love the story and that though it was just a clip, that my dog saved me. Since the arrival of my dog I have dropped 15lbs and have begun a walking routine. I love my dogs.