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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

List of Cut Programs...Fight for your education and do not support Governor Sandoval

If you believe that Sandoval’s starving of education in this state was designed only to eliminate inefficiencies in the higher education system, Sandoval completely misled you.  You fell for this old “inefficiency” political game. 

Believe it or not, the Nevada System of Higher Education has been efficiently operated for years.  I know because I spent five years of my life looking at its financial structure.  I understand money.  I understand how to make it and how to keep it.  I understand how to invest it and how to use it efficiently. 

Sandoval’s budget cuts went far beyond reducing inefficiencies in the system.  They destroyed programs.  They left students stranded in the middle of their education with little or no hope of finishing because courses disappeared.  These are some of the programs eliminated:

Master of Education – Physical Education
Bachelor of Science in Education – Physical Education
Master of Science – Physical Education
Bachelor of Science in Education – Workforce Education
Bachelor of Science - Social Work 
Educational Specialist – Special Education
Master of Science – Special Education
Doctor of Education – Special Education
Doctor of Education – Educational Leadership
Education Specialist – Educational Leadership
Master of Science – Sport and Leisure Services Management
BSHA – Hospitality Management
BSHA – Food Service Management
BSHA – Lodging and Resort Management
BSHA – Meetings and Events Management
Bachelor of Science – Culinary Arts Management
Bachelor of Science – Culinary Arts Management – Beverage Management
Bachelor of Science – Recreation

How would you like to look at a catalogue of a college and learn that the school is withering away?  Do you believe that it would make you eager to go to that school?


Anonymous said...

My own opinion has always been that education should be funded first. When I drive to work and to school and see decorative rock, bronze statues of desert tortises and water jet cut iron horses and other wildlife decorating the interstate I wonder how much wasted money that is. Are those things necessary? Is that money well spent? Just like the money spent to put a Wolfgang Puck resturant in the Springs Preserve, and anyone remember the Nevada Piglet Book? From the perspective of a recruiter who has had requisitions for positions open for upwards of 180 days because I can't find someone with the education for the job, but I have 1000 unskilled and uneducated resumes, I am again left scratching my head. Looking at this list, in a city that has such education issues and that the main industry is hospitality I can't help but ask why? It doesn't make sense.

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114

A Carlos Com 101-4049 said...

That's okay, schools are doing away with Phys. Ed anyways, so no need to have these people waste their time anyways... j/k. I cannot beleive that they would even consider doing away with these programs, in a town such as ours! Education should be a priority not just K-12, but Higher education as well. I cannot imagine what our town will become with the majority of the highschool grads running around looking for "Mickey D's" jobs.