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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helen Keller's Wisdom


Anonymous said...

This statement still holds true today. This depression we are in is because of people being greedy and wanting that life of ease.

Donald H. UOPX

Anonymous said...

Irrational exhuberance could be argued for the current depression. Could it be possible that there are also people who take advantage of the system that althoughis flawed, is there to help them; a system that is often funded by the "greedy wanting a life of ease"? Is wanting a life of ease something that every person might ultimately want whether they were greedy or not? I wouldn't characterize myself as greedy, but I do want an easier life for my child than I had. I would like her to have choices that I wasn't fortunate enough to have. I think it is important to attempt to raise a generation that lives within their means, have a healthy work ethic and learn from the mistakes of previous generations. If it is indeed big government that is the problem and the majority is being stepped on by the few, the beauty of our government is that it can be changed. It seems as though the majority has bought into believe their vote doesn't count. What if the oppressed minority decided to show up and play the game? Wouldn't the victory be sweeter beating the minority at their own game?

Martina -Phoenix HUM/114