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Monday, July 23, 2012



Anonymous said...

Hm this does make sense? I am on who buys tons and tons of bottled water. However, bottled water does taste better that tap water. However, to recycle more and reduce my use of plastic, I have started using the britta filter. Still not quite as tasty as bottle water but I know its less impact on the environment.

Joseph Contreras HN 4049 COM 101

Anonymous said...

I never really had a problem with tap water. I usually just use water bottles out of convenience and throw them in the normal trash. I feel bad about that now though. I'm thinking I'll post this somewhere in my room to remind me to recycle or get a reusable bottle. I'm not suprised about the money either. I mean tap is usually free.

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Holly Knowlton said...

Thats why i bought one of those pur water filters that hooks up to your sink. The only time I keep bottle waters handy is when I'm out and about.

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080

Astrea Swinson said...

Astrea Swinson COM 101
I do agree with this but I also am a consumer and I spend money on bottled water. It is a perfect exapmle of how I am aware of the situation but have yet to make a sagnificant change about it in my everyday life. I have cut back on buying bottled water by buying a brita filtered water bottle but still it really isnt enough.

Anonymous said...

Devin did a great job explaining this in his informative don't you think. It makes me think I need to stop buying bottles of water.
Gwen Dennett sec 4522

Anonymous said...

I am guilty of buying bottled water but i too have taken a stand by buying a bigger jug to store in the fridge and using a brita filter to fill it up when gone. I think for some of us it tends to be a mental thing. Thinking bottled water is better makes it tastes better.

Megan Kazmar

JASON MEJIA -COM 101- said...

This is something you don't think about at all living in Las Vegas. Everyone buys bottled water. They think it's fast, convenient and necessary.. but it's not. Guilty! I do this all the time- I take a bottle of water from the refrigerator, jump in my car,drive 20 mins- get out and forget the water! I already knew about chemicals leaking so I never drink the water after it has been heated in my car. Therefore, I have about 15 full bottles of water in the back of my car. I feel horrible! Thank you for posting this, I plan to be more cautious!

Anonymous said...

Anthony Chu

How sad. We always say bottled water is the best. Yet we never know we might just be drinking from the same battle we used a year ago .... Maybe even a week ago

Anonymous said...

Exact same thing as my informative speech. We have all been dooped into spending tons of money for something we get nearly for free.

Devin Murtaugh