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Sunday, May 27, 2012

FOX News, all the "truth" that's needed to build ratings and elect Republicans

First published 3/22/2012


Anonymous said...

These are some interesting facts and the comments seem relative to the what the rich are expressing against Obama right now. The comments are overgeneralized and have an irrational appeal that truly avoids the real issues at hand.

Tayari Freeman@UOP


Anonymous said...

Ask youself. Why do Republicans hate Obama so much? Could it be he did the right thing for the people to get us out of a recession and on he slow road to recovery (the only recession bigger than the one we survived was the Great Depression, and neither started on his watach). Or is it race? Or could it bee is intelligent? Or could it be he is not the liberal they paint him to be, but a man who is doing what he knows is right for our country, the United States of America (what happened to United?).

Anonymous said...

Jeff (Phoenix HUM/114) Fox news is all about making money. It appears the Republicans have money to spend on airing their views through this news station. They can say what they want, but a true critical thinker will be unbias, do their research and determine what is fact and what is merely opinion. Obama was handed a mess and has struggled to get our country out of it, however we as the American people have not helped. We still buy products made in foreign countries, work the unemployment system and fail to reduce our need for greed!

A Carlos Com 101-4049 said...

I've not been around for many elections, and truthfully - I voted for the 1st time 4yrs ago. I did not vote before then, simply because I hadn't followed the candidates and what they stood for. I personally voted for Obama and he hasn't dissapointed me yet, the only thing that he could do better is drug-test all welfare recipients.