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Friday, April 27, 2012

First Friday Anchor, The Arts Factory, pulls out, may sell building

Arts Factory owner Wes Isbutt puts his iconic property up for sale, blames "overbearing bureaucracy" and being forced to pay for Metro's First Friday presence for his imminent departure (click here for full Review Journal Coverage of this story).

More than 15 years after Wes Isbutt converted an abandoned warehouse into what became the heart of Las Vegas' incipient Arts District, the feisty artist turned frustrated businessman says he plans to leave town.

Isbutt has long expressed frustration with city government he describes as an overbearing bureaucracy. In recent weeks it reached a boiling point, this time over special event security requirements he argues are excessive.

That frustration contributed to Isbutt listing his Arts Factory building at Charleston Boulevard and Art Way with a commercial real estate broker and a decision to stop hosting bands, poetry or other outdoor events, including at the upcoming First Friday.

"There are so many permits we have to get every month for First Friday on my own property," said Isbutt, who also goes by the name Wes Myles and who operates Studio West Photography. "I will not pay them another penny. I am done with the extortion."

From the Las Vegas Review Journal. Click here to read the full story and for photos.

1 comment:

colby said...

AS a person who has been going to the last three First Firday arts events. it has been seeming to be a decrease in people and space there, it is sad. Also it seems that the space has been falling to. it seemed the last event, that the space had also shrunk by half. So it is sad that the city is putting restrictions on the people who make it what it is. A great time for all. for this event there should be a way to get whats needed with out paying huge amounts for permits and yet the city still make a profit off of it