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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Check out the Boulder City Museum and Hotel (longest continuously operating hotel in Nevada, still in origional condition)


Tiffany Mitchell said...

I think its awesome that this hotel is still in its original condition! There are not many places these days that are the original place, so to get a taste of what was originally there is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of this site and to think Las Vegas is known more for gaming than for its history. I need to check this out because I do like history and did not realize that these sites are around. Thank you for information.

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049

Jasmine (uop)Hum 114 said...

The fact that the hotel/museum is still up and running in its original condition, is fantastic! I believe that it is due to the actual people that live in the town of Boulder City, who are passionate and proud of their city. That drove its influence of staying the exact same!