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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brother can you spare a fiver? Or even one dollar?

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In 2007-2008 an informal relationship was established between CSN and the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) to help homeless students have access to college.  

The CSN Foundation established a $10,000 scholarship – the Youthful Enterprise Scholarship.  

 Fundraising efforts began, but were set aside when the federal government relaxed the Pell Grant requirements (removed the requirement for parental information) and the homeless students were able to qualify for Pell Grants.  CSN was approached again last year when a gap in Federal funding was apparent; Pell grants do not cover part-time study or summer study.  So, fundraising efforts have begun again.  

Scholarship requirements – the scholarship is available to clients of three agencies – the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (serving youth over the age of 18),  the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center (serving youth over the age of 18), and the Shade Tree Shelter (serving victims of domestic violence – all ages).  To apply students need to be enrolled in 3 or more credits, and a Nevada resident.

Shirley Carton suggested the theme “High 5 Drive” – asking for donations of $1 - $5.  The drive will join students, staff and faculty in a combined effort.
The “High 5 Drive” is sponsored by CSN students, staff, faculty and the Silver State Schools Credit Union throughout the month of April.

Watch for upcoming announcements about the “High 5 Drive” barbecue on April 17th!

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