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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Posting

Blog requirement for COM 101
Students are to post three substantive responses to blog posts per class session, due no later than the beginning of the next weeks class. If agreed to by the professor for each post they receive two points in lieu of quiz or participation points. Posts must be sustantive and relate to the entire blog post, not just the headline or first few sentences. Use the concepts of the course. I credit is granted credit ends once a student has made 50 posts, however they may continue if they wish for their own purposes. If agreed upon by the professor, this represents no more than ten percent of their grade, shown in the syllabus as “quiz” points (quizzes are an option for students to select if preferred).
Blog postings are intended to:
1.     Meet the requirements listed under course expectations, outcomes and measurements on the syllabus
2.     Spur current topic ideas for student speeches
3.     Encourage critical thinking and discourse (including disagreement)
4.     Drive the students to a source of course material, review and links
5.     Offer additional focused articles and examples related to communication and humanities to engage student and spark insight.
6.     Supplement the text and Angel
7.     Reinforce lecture, readings and other course work
Course objectives met:
1.     Students become more aware of the depth of materials available to them for further study or to understand the material and goals of the course.
2.     Students are offered a resource for topics, opposing viewpoints and current affairs and encouraged to make their topics contemporary and current.
3.     Students are driven to a site where they are exposed to the materials they need for current and future assignments in the course in a timely manner.
4.     Students have access to links to sources, references, summaries of course materials and other resources through links on the right had column.
5.     The students of different sections have the opportunity to interact with each other and are exposed to a wider range of views and perceptions. This contributes to an understanding of and use of critical thinking in oral communication preparation and presentation.
The content of the posts are not censored, altered or grades in any way other than posting them in a screened format on the blog (I read and approve them in advance) which helps screen out advertising and junk responses from outside a core of students taking my classes.
On the right hand side of this web site are the primary posts are links to sources, past posts, additional information on key concepts of the course and general information.
The syllabus, my CV, student references and other material are also posted on a select basis to be accessed through use of the right hand column materials.
The blogs are not commercial. There is no advertising, promotion other than in my e-mail address script. No money is received for any public service post, or informational post.

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