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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Anonymous said...

It's about the zombie! Pagans invented the eggs and the bunnies. Easter signifies the end of winter.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Anonymous said...

Its seems to me that for man that are christians that the meaning of these holidays have began to dwindle away. few remember why we have them. so for many its about the bunny but some still have it in remembrance of thier savior

colby perkins
com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

Easter is the single most important holiday for Christians. Many will argue it is Christmas, but without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would not be a foundation for Christianity. Christians should thank the pagan Constantine for the rise of their movement. Depending on which historian you believe, whether it was for strictly political gain or if he actually converted from paganism to Christianity because of a change in his theological beliefs, Constantine brought the celebration of Eastre, the Goddess, to coincide with the celebration of the Jesus’ resurrection. The fertile rabbit is her symbol. If you are not a Christian, and a polytheist believing in both God and the Goddess, it is about the bunny.

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114

Anonymous said...

I just think that the eggs and candy are fun for kids. When I was growing up, we did the Easter egg hunt in the morning and then Easter Mass after that. And thats how I am raising my son and future kids.

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

A Carlos Com 101-4049 said...

Originally hares were beleived to be hermaphodites. They were already a sign of spring/fertility for the pagans but their ability to reproduce (without mating...) linked them to the Virgin Mary. The colored eggs resulted from boiling eggs with certain flower petals(dyeing the eggs) in the welcoming of spring. I'm not sure how the two were tied together, but I love Cadbury eggs, so I'm just glad they did.
A Carlos 101-4049

Anonymous said...

Montoya @ Phoenix

I think Easter is really for the kids and to have fun eat eggs and enjoy all the fun events that it brings. For some we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Going to church and paying respect is what alot of adults do for easter. So i think the holiday meaning is different for some individuals.

Anonymous said...

Madison Harper com 101 4044
actually for some people it is just about the bunny.