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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Anonymous said...

it's interesting how we can even say that people are immigrants because aren't we all..? I mean obviously we have to draw the line somewhere.. but who get's to be the one who decides where it's drawn?

Chelsee Henderson Com 101 4049

Anonymous said...

Jeff (Phoenix HUM/114) WOW! Very powerful message. People of this nation want to complain about illegal aliens, but the fact of the matter is our government will never do anything about it. They may give the perception of protecting our boarders, but really they could care less. Illegal aliens is a billion dollar business for our country. Most illegal aliens do work in this nation under false social security numbers, in turn money is deducted from their checks for taxes, now at the end of the year all of that money that was paid in never gets distributed in tax returns because illegal aliens do not file tax returns, so where does that money go? To the government!

Anonymous said...

I look at that the picture of the native american chosen to be captioned "As far as I'm concerned You're all illegal aliens" and wonder if it was a conscious descision. It is Geronimo; he was an Apache leader known for retaliatory attacks on the Mexicans. Did the person who added the caption to the famous picture really mean "everyone" or by using Geronimo is he swinging a velvet hammer at Mexicans?

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

YYeeeaaaa!! Awsome! Thats so true!! why dont we look back to the first people who really lived on and took care of this country!!! oh man! can we just post this picture all over the place!!!

Anonymous said...

we are not all immigrants the indians were originally here according to our history books the fact that there land was stolen from them and was then purchased by another groupe of individuals does not at all make them immigrants. we who have no indian decent could possibly be called immigrants.
sara phoenix

Anonymous said...

So true. Its terrible what we did to them.. and the slaves kidnapped from Africa.. and the ones burned as "witches." Our history has quite a few dark areas that Im certainly not proud of. And the immigrants of today aren't killing us off and taking away our land and forcing us on to reservations. Just saying..

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

Madison Harper com 101 4044
as far as i'm concerned any body who came here after our government was formed, doesn't file for citizenship and comes to live here and take benefits without paying taxes is an illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately true, sad but very true.

Chris Wynn 4044