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Friday, April 27, 2012

Are we going to college for the wrong reason? Have schools become stores where you pick and choose what you want to learn rather than challenging your mind to discover what you do not know?

Are Colleges As We Know Them Endangered?

(Flickr/anneohirsch) Author Andrew Delbanco argues that high costs and globalization are threatening the character of colleges that have historically created well-rounded citizens, who are ready to participate in a democracy. A drive to educate individuals for specific tasks, and a desire to only think about money and only about a specialized education may be robbing America of its place as a leader in research, development and great thinkers.

Here and Now from National Public Radio

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Anonymous said...

I dont' think this is true. I just think that now people are being more productive and are trying to open their range of careers and opportunities. My mind has been challenged ever since I began college. It has opened my eyes to more aspects of learning and of the world. I know exactly why I am here and I know what I need to do to achieve it.