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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who will pay for emergency room visits?

As states and the federal government look for ways to trim budgets, Medicaid appears on the chopping block. And Washington state is scheduled to cut payments for some procedures, such as pregnancy tests and non-life threatening emergency room visits.Washington state has cut the list of what medicaid is allowed to bill for. "Frequent fliers" are those who use the ER for general care or small emergencies such as minor injuries, that may not be diagosed until after a doctor sees you and you have a required X-Ray or other test. That will put the state's hospitals in the hard position of losing money on people who rely on them for medical service. The law says they cannot turn anyone away. Many low income residents do not have primary care physicians and still others live no where near a 24 hour doctor or care facility.

Washington State will limit Medicaid procedures


shung lee said...

I just cannot believe that the government will spend millions and trillions of dollars for the military and will think about cutting back on medical needs...

Cameron Rand com101 4044 said...

This would be great for peopl who can not afford the little hidden fees hospitals have, but would hurt the hospital dramatically.