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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Was Romney in Illinois... or was he in on a suburban planet in a galaxy far far away.

Before a shining sea of white faces Mitt Romney gave his victory speech in Illinois, despite the speech being in Chicagoland.

Chicago has the lightest number in Afriacn American population in the country and highest percentage of population outside of Washington DC.

As a city Chicago has the second largest Hispanic population in numbers outside of Los Angeles.

Where were they at Romney's victory celebration as he attacked Barack Obama for being a well educated and inellegent man as a law professor at one of the top law schools in the country, at being a street level community organizer among the people and implied, but did not mention, the race that was not evident in his victory hall but dominates Chicago.

Where were the people of color? They were not on camera during his speech, despite the multi-cultural nature of Illinois.

He talks about being a "unite-er", yet he talks of 401 K's and opportunities on the doorstep of a city where without government aid, without support, no one would be able to rise above poverty and even the ghetto's that Obama has helped start to erase.

He talks about being a "unite-er" but makes ten thousand dollar bets, talks about his wife's luxury cars, their multiple homes and not about food or public education or  basic medical care so needed by the majority of Americans.

Notice Romeny did not mention his spending ten to one over the total of his opponents in Illinois and in some areas twenty to one over his closest Republican challenger.

-From a Chicagoian viewing CNN coverage this evening, someone I know, as posted on Facebook.


Karen Johnson Com 101-4080 said...

Romney may be presidential in conservative environments, however, he appears to be slightly disconnected with middle America.

Anonymous said...

Try the poor, people of color and women.

Anonymous said...

Romney will win! He will beat Obama and America will be great again.

Anonymous said...

"unite-er"?! Unity involves everyone working together not bashing on the middle class and not talk about how luxurious your life is.

Kristian Magtanong
section 4049
com 101

fred said...

I think that guy seriously need a reality check. Only if he knew that there were people out there that actually struggle and not every is as rich as he is. His goal should be to fix the country and not brag about his wealth.