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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vote for candiates who will keep Health Care Reform...Listen to this message

For those crying for the overturning of "Obamacare", which should be called National Health Care Reform, please watch the entire presentation on this link with an open mind.


Anonymous said...

National Health Care Reform is a mess in other countries. I don't expect it to be a success in ours. I don't want to be forced to dig into my pocket to pay for insurance. I wouldn't be as free as I "An American" am meant to be. It should be my choice. I don't want to pay for others insurance either.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049

Anonymous said...

You pay for others in a big way with your current insurance. Insurance companies base numbers on the entire cost of health care, adding in all the uninsured, under insured as well as your age, health and where you live. You are not paying for your health care, you are underwriting the overall cost for the insurance company.

Did you watch the video? We do no have a system that is fair. It bankrupts even the wealty, and provides deadly care for the poor an less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Great points on why we needed President Obama to do what other presidents failed to least make a start at making sre we all are covered (pre-existing conditions, end of financial discrimination, end of discimination against women).