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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This can apply to Congress, our political moods and our lives...

"I feel personally, in this country, it’s like everybody wants what they want and they want to hold onto exactly the way they have it and ‘Oh my gosh! If it changes, I’m gonna lose out!’ Really? I feel like: let’s look at the bigger picture. Let’s look at the future."

" I get the fear of maybe losing out a little of what you have but at the same time, like, there’s how we don’t grow."

-SAG member Misi Lopez Lecube on merger ballot


Ana Tinta COM 101-4080 said...

I see this as being applied more to our lives. This is of course, is my opinion. It is very true that "everybody wants what they want and they want to hold onto exactly the way they have it" People are scared of change and always prefer to play it safe. I myself, am guilty of this.

Anonymous said...

Just like at the end of the titanic when that one girl let go of leonardo dicaprio and let him die, you need to let go to see change. You have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

-Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

Anonymous said...

I feel this applies to all facets of our life. Politically I feel that one of the main reasons our country hasn't improved quicker is because of both political sides refusing a true compromise. In personal lives people have become selfish and want only what they want and wont settle for less most of the time regardless of the consequences. Life, love and strength is all built on compromise. Hopefully people will remember that again some day.

Jesse Steele
Com 101
Section 4080

Anonymous said...

This sounds like healthcare. Our system now does not work. People who can pay something, won't, and try to take every bit they can get. Something needs to change though. We all just need to grow a pair.
Kristian Magtanong
COM 101 sect 4049

Anonymous said...

I don't think this sounds like healthcare at all. Those who can pay, need to pay..for themselves. If you can't provide healthcare for you or your family, why should I, or anyone else have to foot the bill? I personally don't want a government mandated healthcare plan. I want to have the choice over my own healthcare. I don't want the government deciding what treatment I am authorized for based on my age or my health condition. I want a fair shot at life and I feel I am the only one equipped to give myself that, not the government. To them I would just be another number. We need choices and options. After all, that's why so many foreigners flock to our country right?

Jaimie Kurtz
Com 101 4080
Mon 6-850

Anonymous said...

I had seen this as only a politicall statement until reading the comments.
It does affect all aspects of our lives. Of course everyone wants what they want. That is the way humans are. But compromise is a must in everything. If you do not compromise sometimes in a love relationship (b/f g/f or marriage) it will eventually fail. You have to give a little on both sides to help make eachother happy.
The same goes for politics. Until this presidency the country has always run on compromise. Not both sides will ALWAYS get what they want. When needed to help better the country a compromise is must. If not met than the problems of the country can never begin to be solved. There is no reason the things we are able to control in this country shouldnt be getting better.People have to remember its about the ENTIRE country not just a minute few!!!

fred said...

This applies to many things in life. People will always think that just because there is a change that the world will end. It is kind of like they take things person instead of looking at the bigger picture which is that the only reason for the change is to make things better.