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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Student on Unions

Unfortunately many people do not think unions do anything for them if they didn't specifically save their own butt at work. They fail to realize how it helps organizations as a whole. For example at TSA many of us have been fighting for a union for the past 10 years because we have been so badly treated by management and have been given very little rights and little pay. With laws placed after 9/11 it made it so the agency could hire fire and punish at will. They made their own policies on how and when we were able to use our paid leave. They fail to follow basic labor laws on a regular basis. Many workers have been fired for no apparent reason and has just made all the workers terrified of management.The union has been fighting with us all along but officially stepped in late last year and has been on a long road to help bring us basic benefits and ensuring management is held accountable for their actions and treating the workforce fair.

Many criticize unions without realizing many of their basic work rights throughout the country now were brought about by stubborn unions who believed Americans have rights in the workplace and will fight for them with all their power.

I saw a commercial for station casinos who say the workforce do not want a union but the "big union bullies" keep harassing them and that unions are a bad thing. I agree if an organization as a whole feels they do not need a union, good for them. But it does not mean unions are a bad thing and should be dismissed all together. There are too many organizations who need someone on their side and fighting for their rights and needs because the company treats their workers unfairly.

Krystle Gerber
Com 101 4080
Mon 6-850


fred said...

Depending on the person that you talk to you will get a completely different opinion about the union. For some the union is great because it fought for them and they were able to keep their job. But for some they were not so lucky, and those are the ones that would say something negative about the union.

Anonymous said...

I disagree because say something negative about the union and its always happens

Anonymous said...

Unions in the past were needed, only my opinion. We have other alternatives. OSHA will protect employees from workers unfairly treated in the workplace. This is not just in Construction but also General Industry. An employer cannot fire and employee for making the complaint if so employers have been found to pay substantial amounts of money to employees. If a union does bully establishments, then how are they really helping employees?

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049