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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smith Center Grand Open House This Sunday


Anonymous said...

I am amazingly excited about the opening of the Smith Center. Mahler's Second Symphony is going to be absolutely amazing. I hope that the local community supports it. I for one am going to.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Anonymous said...

Its good they have made a place for talented people to show everyone their passion. I haven't really heard of any of those 4 performances shown below in the ad but i know Stevie Wonders music.

Claude marchi com 101 hn4080

Bridget West COM 101-4080 said...

I've actually been waiting a while for The Smith Center to open - mostly for the musicals they'll be showing. I haven't seen many live musicals, so I'm very excited that we have a few of the best ones coming to The Smith Center later this year. I definitely want to see Mary Poppins and Wicked. They also have a lot of great musical acts coming. I want to see Paco de Lucia, a flamenco guitarist, perform next month.

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080 said...

I am soooo excited we are going to have real talent in this city. people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into something passionate. not just beating trash cans and blue face paint. anyone can do that.

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to The Smith Center being here in Las Vegas. We need more culture here, and I am glad that we're not just a "party" city. More job openings and oppertunity is a plus as well.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049