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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Radio Shack and Bad Customer Service

I went to the Radio Shack where I bought a micro cassette and tapes just two week ago. The clerk tries to sell me digital video cassettes. Once I got them to understand I meant audio the clerk tells me "we have not carried that for years." There were full racks at the Boulder City Radio shack when I purchased it to document my PhD interviews.

No I do not need a cell phone.

I went to CVS and Walgreen's. Both had micro cassette players but no tapes on display. No one around to ask for help at either store.

What happened to customer service?

There were additional items I intended to buy, but I walked out in all three cases buying nothing.

Maybe retails should look at their own staff and inventory before they cry about customers going on-line to purchase items.

I did.

It will delay things a few days, but with free shipping...


Anonymous said...

Good point! Retailers do need to look at their customer service but also in the department stores they have cut their staff. It is both, stores do not train the employees about customer service and retailers are cutting staff down. Who suffers? the customer. I like on-line but when you need something now, it takes patience to go into these stores.

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049

Anonymous said...

I've had a lot of bad experiences with customer service as well recently. I understand if there is the occassional bad day of an employee but recently it seems that must retailers just have bad attitudes.

Taylor Bishop
Com 101

Anonymous said...

You ask what happened to customer service?... well lets try the fact that no one is getting paid the correct amount for the work they do so why should they feel like they should go out of their way anymore. it use to be that people enjoyed their jobs but not it's everyone is working more then one just to get by. If you want good customer service try the internet. It works a lot better. you can even check to see what stores around you have what i stock and you could even call them. saves you from having to run around all day from store to store.

Sarah Lindekugel com 101
section 4049

Anonymous said...

Its on line that is taking away the ability to buy things when you need the. Even Best Buy announced they will reduce production line and open smaller stores, but leave the full line available on-line onlY 2 TO 10 DAYS TO DELIVER). RADIO SHACK is ready to stop selling cords, supplies and small electronic except on-line (again ignoring immediate need of their customers) to focus on cell phone sales.

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

Pssh with free shipping and no rude remarks from jerk-o sales associates! The company i work for pushes customer service as the number 1 priority. This company also has a starting pay of 10:00/hr. and treat us Great with excellent benifits. Not that it is an excuse, but i think that in todays times, people are hurting so bad finically, and employers that Truely take care of you are so seldom, in turn cause poor employees and/or customer service. people are simply not happy at there jobs working all day just to make min. wage!! just my thought!

Anonymous said...

Poor customer service is a direct result of bad management. If someone is unhappy in their job, then they should quit. In today's market, one should be grateful to be working at all. I wonder how many people speak up when they receive poor customer service. As a retail manager, I don't stand for poor attitudes. Three customer complaints and you're gone.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Anonymous said...

Dang christina where do you work?? hah
(There will be a bleeped out curse word)
it is just like what McDonals does not have ice cream at 9 at night! Thats why I am taling after my grandma and whenever I dont get what I want/ need at the store I throw a big F*****g fit until I get the attention fo the manager. I am constantly writing angry letters to stores if I cannot get something or receive crappy service. Anyone remember when Ben and Jerrys was in the Galleria Mall?? It closed about 3 weeks after my grandma called the manager. We wanted ice cream and teh worker was playing footsies with her boyfriend at one of the tables. i about had to drag her by her hair to get service and then they had no bananas and no whip cream. AN ICE CREAM PLACE!

And I dont care if you are getting paid 6 dollars an hour, if you do not want to give good customer service, you could fake it or find a job that does not deal with customer service and just be lucky you have a job. Especially with 12% unemployment rate because I guarantee that if you get in my way in the stores, you will make it 12.1% unemployment rate....

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

Anonymous said...

Many factors lead to bad customer service...bad management, low wages, lack of benefits, bad schedules etc. However, if some people dont like the work environment they are in they should make a change and do something they would like. Also, i used to be a retail manager for many years and if I saw an unhappy employee, i would take action to see what i could change. Many things you as a manager cannot control but work environment and morale i could and I tried to make all my employees feel like they wanted to be there.

Joseph Contreras HN 4049 COM 101

Anonymous said...

seems like u gota buy everything online these days the stores just dont carry things like they used to, customer service in Nevada stores has always been bad unless its a gift shop in a casino, you either get bad service or you get swamped by 50 sales people who interrupt what u are shopping for not to mention the mark up in stores.

Jason Walden com101-4044

Anonymous said...

I worked retail for 10 years, 8 of which I was a store manager or worked in operations. I have been away from retail for a number of years, but the biggest flaw I see is in company culture and training. I now work in HR and understand that you cannot just hire a kid off the street and throw him into a store and expect him to know what to do. When I worked retail, we had entire training programs and staff to teach company culture and mission and vision of the comapany, but I jus don't feel as though those things are as important as the bottom line.

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114