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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post PC

Post PC is a term used by Apple's CEO to describe the new generation of communication and computing devices by Apple, and including Google and other companies, that do not rely on the Microsoft personal computer MS DOS / Windows operating system. Even Windows 8 will seem more like a post-PC operating system. More than 70% of retail computing sales are now "post PC", representing the largest percentage of non-television consumer electronics profits.


Anonymous said...

I agree that we are indeed in a post PC world. Now technology can do 100 times more than what it did even 5 years ago you could say.

Stephanie Cardiel Com 4044

Anonymous said...

i fell that the technology has evoloved a lot, i would say in the past 2 years. I agree that we are in a post PC world as well becuase so many things are becoming obsoleite because of a few things like tablets and smart phones coming out. The Kindle Fire is just as evolved as the iPad's and it retails for around $200 instead of the iPad that starts at around $500... people always want the new and best thing even when there is already things out there that are just as good.

Sarah Lindekugel
Com 101 4049

Anonymous said...

1. The kindle fire is not like the iPad. The are two different things. It does not do what an iPad does by a long shot. iPads run MS Word, Excel, Apple programs and can replace a computer in most (but not all) fuctions. Kindle Fire is a reader with internet access for videos and sch. Very different products.

Kindle cost $400 to produce and is sold at a loss to sell videos books and music, which make up the difference. Apple sells at plus five percent over cost as they are primarily in the hardware business. Apple has far more memory and speed.

Neither replace full computers, at least not yet (it gets closer every day).