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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Money and today's Super Tuesday Primaries

The Romney Campaign has spent over 12 million dollars in Ohio, twelve to one more than his tight competitor Rick Santorum. Add PAC funds and Romney supporters spent over 17 million on Ohio alone, compared to less than 2 million by Santorum and his supporters.

So how important is money?

Will it impact the General Election?

Historically when one party has a strong primary fight polls show that party winning or doing very well in the General Election, but in only two historic cases has the challenger won and in both cased other current news factors played into the final general election count.

Voters are voting from Alaska to North Dakota to Virginia in today's Super Tuesday Republican Presidential primaries. Romney is expect to come out on top in electoral count, but cannot become the nominee with today's election result.

In the general Romney will have to counter his own words with his ten thousand dollars side bet, two cadalacs per home for three homes, about women and the poor. Santorum has religion and far right conservative as a potential general election obstacle. The wild card, although unlikely to gain enough delegates to be the Republican nominee, is Ron Paul, who invested in non-traditional media and grass roots rather then TV and radio attack ads and colorful mailers.

1 comment:

Cameron Rand com101 4044 said...

I think Romney is going to take the republican party because he has been doing so well, but I do not believe he can beat Obama this election.