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Monday, March 26, 2012

Martin Sheen: Stand Up for Medicare


Anonymous said...

I think that medicare shouldnt get effected. The eldery have worked all their lives, and should qualify to get it after all their years of working. If we can give welfare to people who simply dont want to work and will just have baby after baby, then we should not stop the elderly from having medicare. I hope when i get to retirement age, there will be something left for me.

Anonymous said...

There is no possible way that they can get rid of medicare... How about our politicans work for free for a year and see how they like it because no matter what they are going to get their benefits after they leave their position. How will our elders that work all their lives survivce without the only thing that is keeping them alive

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, something has to be done. You can't continue to let medicare and medicaid continue the way they are, as eventually the over take the entire budget, and to tackle the budget you have to tackle medicare and medicaid.

I'm not saying to drop them completely here, but ignoring the octopus at the dinner table doesn't help either.

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