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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make a Presentation Like Steve Jobs


fred said...

Very intelligent guy. It is amazing that someone can come up with such great ideas like he did with the apple products. I still think he is under rated and I am more than sure that he will never be topped. It wont get any better than apple

Anonymous said...

I know this guy from apple. He is very smart with technology. I wish I can understand and what Steve Jobs saying , but I don't understand what he taking about it. I wish they have cc.

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs was an incredibly smart man. His presentations looks well thought and prepared. He exubes self confidence when on stage. I would love to be able to get on stage or in front of the room and look that well prepared and organized and confident.

Angela Mains
com101 hn 4080

paul campita said...

this guy is a genius..all of his speech are inspirational

Anonymous said...

He knows how to sell himself. The narrator said it's all about "selling the experience". Making our speeches an experience will really capture our audience. I also liked how Jobs keeps his slides simple without a lot of words. Nothing was mentioned about his turtle neck and jeans. Maybe if I do my next speech in his outfit then I can get an A??
Breanna Linsley
HN 4080