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Monday, March 26, 2012

Prom dresses, tuxs and help needed

Innovations International K-12 Charter School was started 6 years ago by a UNLV professor. Half the students are on free or reduced lunch. The Three Square food bank gives a full meal to every child in the after school program daily.  IICSN is holding their first-ever Prom on May 12th. Many of the students cannot afford evening wear for this occasion.  If you have any prom dresses or tuxedos (or prom appropriate suits) that you could donate, it would be very much appreciated. Please contact me if you have a donation. The students, school and PTO are also holding many fundraisers (many are simply dining out).

Thank you,

 Tracy Sherman <>

Tracy Sherman, M.Ed., RRT-NPS
CSN Faculty Senate Chair


Anonymous said...

This is such a great cause. I know that semi dresses and prom dresses are very expensive and my daughter has donated a few of hers in the past.

Angela Mains
COM 101 HN 4080

Cameron Rand com101 4044 said...

This is very thoughtful for anyone who helps. I wish I had something to give, but unfortunately I do not.