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Saturday, March 3, 2012

How about a Giant Log Flume, or maybe bring back Wet and Wild!


So … Ferris-y.
Concrete is in the ground for the foundation of SkyVue. Which is not, as we thought, a member of LMFAO. It’s the Ferris/obervation/whatever-wheel that will be vying with Project Linq’s Ferris/observation/whatever wheel for the right to very slowly spin tourists through the air come July 4, 2013.
So, between the fueling Ferris wheels and the multiple ziplines, could we maybe get like … a really sweet log flume or something? If we’re going to become a giant amusement park, may as well go all the way.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt this is going to bring about more income / diversified income to the State to help with the current economic situation in las vegas.

Either way, I'd still have to say to probably not bring back Wet and Wild. A real amusement park might be cool but would there be issues with California being so close and having major amusement parks?

Ryan Clift
Com 101-4049

christina ortega com101-4049 said...

this city spends its money on the dumbest $hit! it makes me so mad! i mean come on- a ferris/observation/whatever wheel!!??!? how about all of those huge lame rocks, and ugly steel rams near most of the valleys on/off ramps....whatta joke!! why cant we transfer some of the citys $$$ from useless construction to education! that way i dont have to spend So Much on tuition!!! :D

Anonymous said...

It does surprise me that we don't have a Disney or a Six Flags. I agree with Christina, though. We really shouldn't be spending money on much of anything until we fix our education programs. It's scary.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Anonymous said...

Where is this at specifically?? Like cross streets... I know that they are doing something near Galleria and Gibson, but I heard that that was going to be some sort of water park....

But this idea right here just sounds stupid...

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4002

Britny Nieznanski 4049 said...

I think this will make the city some good money, considering it will be right on the strip. I think it is pretty neat actually. I'm sure all the locals will even pay to go on it. Especially since it is probably going to be an insane price like $50 a ride or something. I'm a little skeptical of the new Wet n' Wild being built though. I'm excited for it, but there is a reason the first one failed.

Bridget West COM 101-4080 said...

I heard that they are actually planning on placing TWO observation wheel things. Even though it's not Wet & Wild, there is going to be a new waterpark in town called Splash Canyon. It was supposed to open this summer, but got pushed back to summer of 2013. It's going to be near the corner of Fort Apache and Warm Springs. Here is the website: