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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grand Forks is growing...they have an Olive Garden!

How we take advantage of restaurants in the big cities.  Grand Forks, North Dakota never had an Olive Garden in their town.  So this wonderful lady goes to Olive Garden and gives the town folk her opinion of this new eatery.  You would think Olive Garden is every where.  They still have room for expansion.  Maybe other chains will try to expand in Grand Forks, ND also!

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049


A Carlos Com 101-4049 said...

This is so cute. I know I have mentioned in class a few times what small town I came from, but this article really hits home. I recently ran into somebody who also grew up in the same town as I did, and we did some reminicing. We still do not have a brand-name grocery store, gas-station or any chain restaurants. Oh, the memories, makes me glad to have gotten out. The best part about Vegas there are grocery stores/gas stations open at all hours of the night- and the bus runs EVERYWHERE!!! Oh, and just 2 months ago, I had Olive Garden for the first time-and I too, love it.

Aurora Carlos Com 101-4049

Ana Tinta COM 101-4080 said...

I bet everyone in this town is very excited and will all be eating here regularly. I grew up in a small town and whenever we had anything new open up, it was like a victory. haha