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Monday, September 3, 2012

Funny Powerpoint Slides


Anonymous said...

You've made your point very clear with all these powerpoint videos. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself, keep the powerpoint to a minimum.

Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

clint albright said...

I know Tom!! he's a great guy I've been to many of his events and seminar he really has a great way of speaking and has some great information.

Clint Albright
com 101- 4080spring 2012

fred said...

No matter what I use I am still horrible at speaking to crowds. Actually, I am okay speaking in public, it is the classroom environment that make me nervous. I don't know why that is just how it is.

Anonymous said...

This looked interesting about something and I don't understand what he talking about.

Anonymous said...

even though a power point is very useful tool in the preasintation inviroment i stil wounder if al of our computers hlv spel chek
sean sieloff com 101 4049

Anonymous said...

I think this is true. I would rather listen to someone say something funny or joke about something than to see it on a powerpoint and maybe not get the full effect of something that may otherwise be amusing. I am getting the hint that powerpoint is bad! haha

Joseph Contreras HN 4049 COM 101

Anonymous said...

Got it. It makes sense. You don't want to depend on a powerpoint to entertain your audience.

Erin Penman
Mon 6-8:50

Jess Kobayashi said...

Death-by-powerpoint! I have seen it many times and tried my best not to crack up like an overly caffeinated hyena. I do agree that most humor should come from the presenter and not the pp, but sometimes, it can be a refreshing break from the monotony of pp slides. For example, my last anatomy class required a pp presentation on any disease/disorder of our choice. With 35 students presenting, and 4 hours of lecture each day, it got pretty heavy at times. So one classmate decided to to present on UTI's. Ick! Totally uncomfortable (literally) topic and after hearing hours of life threating diseases, was just too much. She turned out to be a great speaker and put a hilarious slide of a cartoon "working woman" and a baby asking who was more a more likely candidate for a UTI. We all got a good laugh, even our straight laced Doctor managed a chuckle. So, while I am sure whatever this fine gentelman is selling is great, humor slides can be done by the right person, in the right way, at the right time. - Jess Kobayashi

Anonymous said...

Powerpoints are classified as a visual aid, not a speech itself. That's where most people fail in their powerpoint oriented speeches. It turns from an opportunity to give the audience more of an idea on what you're talking about to a script that bores everyone to death.
Funny thing, I had a teacher that completely relied on powerpoints, in fact, so much, it seemed like the guy was just copy and pasting Wikipedia and had no idea what he was reading. I asked him a couple questions about the subject and it turns out that he had no idea what he was talking about after all.

-Danielle Nunez COM 101 M-Th 1:00-3:45