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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facts and observations on health care and what Americans want

When people shout "we" and "Americans" are they aware of whom they are actually representing?

The numbers are clear and consistent.

So why is political rhetoric and political reporting ignoring established American ethics, beliefs and preferences, as supported by numerous valid scientifically done surveys over time?

73% of Americans feel that the government should be involved in our health care.

53 % of Americans are for the Health Care Reform Act (Obamacare) according to numerous surveys by competing firms, including political pollsters and such companies as Pew Trust, Gallop and AP.

37% of Americans oppose the Health Care Reform Act passed two years ago under President Obama.

10% of American still say they prefer a single payer mandate where the government is the insurance broker over mandating individuals to buy from insurance companies.

67% of Americans say that ending pr-existing conditions as a reason to be denied health care or to charge beyond an individuals ability should remain a part of the law, as it is in the National Health Care Act (Obamacare).

27% of Americans say that the government should not be involved in health insurance or health care.

Emergency rooms are mandated to care for patients who come in regardless of insurance or cost.

Doctors are mandated by their oath and law to care for patients, although they are not mandated to take care of elective surgery or non-immediate needs.

Taxpayer dollars, increased insurance premiums and 

Despite strong rhetoric by political parties, preferences have remained stable and a true reflection appears to be favorable for mandate health care. The disagreement is how and to what extent. Should insurance companies be the only providers of health care insurance? Is it unconstitutional for a government to mandate you have health insurance? Who covers the cost of the uninsured? Have we shifted to the side of those who applauded and shouted wild support when a presidential candidate was asked if we should just let the uninsured die? Are we our brothers keepers? Or are is is every man and woman for themselves?

Among the false claims or diversion balloons floating by both sides in the health care debate are:

Obama is the reason health care cost are going up so quickly.
The government is driving up heath care cost to force us to become a socialist society.
There will be no health care cost increases if we have a single payer system.
The government will pay all of my health care costs.
Doctors will be forced to not treat you if under the Health Care Reform Act.
Insurance companies will have to do what the government tells them to do.
The Health Care Reform Act has "death panels."
Medicare will end if we overturn the Health Care Reform Act.
I pay for my medicare and social security.

Again, these are false claims now widely believed to be true by those of a certain political leaning.

So many half truths, slogans, and so much emotion is behind the issue on both sides that it is hard to look at things through a clear lens.

There will be increases in costs for doctors, but with them come gains such as fast access to patient records, faster payment by insurance companies, greater choice for patients of which insurance to buy (doctors are free to provide advice in this area).

It will cost insurance companies money to meet the mandate, but over time profits will remain high and no investor will suffer.

There are programs to help those who cannot afford health care to purchase insurance.

Most of the provisions of Obamacare have yet to take effect. This was written into the bill by congress and in many cases because transition time is needed for private enterprise to function and continue to profit in the health care fields.

There are Americans denied health care insurance due to pre-existing conditions beyond their control (birth, accidents, genetics, and so on) or who can get insurance by paying many times more than other Americans despite limits their potential earning through their conditions, age or other forms of discrimination.

Many employers have dropped health care or greatly reduced what is covered by insurance due to the skyrocketing cost of insurance which began over three decades ago, long before Obama took office.

Feel free to add to this, rebut it or contribute links.

Thank you in advance.

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Anonymous said...

The majority of Americans and their opinions do not matter to the minority with money, solid family units and white skin.