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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deeper Voice gains political advantage

A new study that finds that voters tend to go for the candidate with the deeper voice.  A British Biological Research Journal published multiple studies that found that listeners are more likely to vote for the deeper voice, regardless of their sex. But there are exceptions. Harry Reid has a high voice. Romney's voice is mellow and low compared to his competition. Candidates use vocal coaches to "enhance their electability." 

So how do you explain Harry Reid's high vocal range?

Also, would scratchy or rough voices such as Abraham Lincoln or even Franklin Roosevelt stand a chance today?


Karen Johnson Com 101-4080 said...

I have to admit that I strain to hear Harry Reid and I do not have any hearing issues. I process information better when I am not concentrating on the sound. President Obama projects his voice and I don't feel it is mellow or low.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting never would i realize voters tend to elect the because of a "deep voice"

Kristian Magtanong
section 4049
com 101

Ana Tinta COM 101-4080 said...

WOW, people base their vote on a deep voice! This is like brainwashing...People have to be bright and actually listen to what will be offered by the future president.

Anonymous said...

Deeper voices tend to project a sense of strength and leadership among people so it' only natural that voters would allow that to subconciously affect their decision.

As for Harry Reid...there are always exceptions to the rule.

Jesse Steele
Com 101
Section 4080

fred said...

I don't really agree with that post. I think it seem like that because the ones with the deep voices tend to speak with a lot of confidence and that is what we want, someone who is confident in themselves.