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Friday, March 9, 2012

CSN Culnary Compete in Regional Tourney (RJ)

Good luck to CSN's Culinary Hot Food Team next week. CSN students have represented Nevada in the regional cooking competition 17 years in a row!
There's a young woman over here chopping chives, a guy behind her making salad, a guy next to him getting started on the white chocolate mousse, another woman preparing the asparagus that will go...


Anonymous said...

17 years and I have never heard of this...? I'm so glad CSN is pround and advertises this accomplishment everywhere... oh wait, they don't.
Breanna Linsley
com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to take my grandma to watch something like this. She LOVES to support students (even ones she does not know) after working with the school district for 30 years