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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The creative person...

"The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person."

 ~ Frank Barron


Anonymous said...

Frank's view of the 'average' person is very narrow minded. He lacks creativity.

Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

Anonymous said...

Some of the most creative people that I have known (And although I love them to death) have been the strangest. :)

Nicole Baxter Com 101-4080

iheartblog702 said...

This is pretty good. I can see my self as a creative person.

Anonymous said...

all creative people are very different and may not be any of these.Also what is the average person? Frank should have explained both side a little better when he came up with this opinion.

Shawn Chaytor
Com 101
Section# 4044

Ana Tinta Com 101-4080 said...

Every one has their own personality being crazy or not. They just express themselves diffrently.

Anonymous said...

Yes...everyone is creative in their own right but I think if you look to who history has deemed the most creative they would fit in to this description. These are usually the people who bounce back and forth between extremes...never staying right in the middle. These extremes allow them to think outside the box and offer a different kind of clarity on life.

Jesse Steele
Com 101
Section 4080

Anonymous said...

So creative people are ADHD?