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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Com 101 CSN Quiz # 2

Quiz # 2 Lynch Spring 2010 Com 101 CSN

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.Select the best answer.
____ 1. The body of a speech includes the introduction, main points, and the conclusion.
____ 2. A good attention getter does not need to be related to you topic to be effective.
____ 3. Audience members recall what the speaker presents last better than they recall the information presented
in the body of the speech. This is called the primacy effect.
____ 4. Slang is technical language associated with a specific profession or subject.
____ 5. The meaning of words does not change over time.
____ 6. "Delivery" in public speaking refers to the oral component of a speech.
____ 7. The extemporaneous delivery method is the most common one.
____ 8. One way speakers can involve the audience is asking for volunteers to do something.

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Multiple Choice
Questions by the authors of the text or from repeated lecture and should use the textbook and lecturs as a basis for
determining the best possible answer. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question as
would be interpirted by the authors of the text book. There may be more than one correct answer, so you must select
the one that is the one inferred in the text and lecture. Reread other questions if needed to assist in your thought
____ 9. Structures for ordering the main points of your speech that help audience members understand the
relationships among your ideas are called ____.
a. patterns of coherence
b. patterns of organization
c. complete-sentence outlines
d. sequential patterns
____ 10. Which of the following is a true statement about how many main points you should include in your
a. The number will depend on how much information you must cover to achieve you
specific purpose.
b. There is no "correct" number.
c. The number depends on how much time you have to present your speech.
d. All of these answers are correct.
Name: ______________________ ID: A
____ 11. When developing an outline for your speech, there are four items which should be at the top. Which of
the following is not one of them?
a. general purpose
b. references
c. topic
d. thesis
____ 12. When developing your complete sentence outline, each main point or sub-point should express
a. several ideas so you have options during your speech.
b. your views about your topic.
c. only one idea.
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 13. An effective attention getter should
a. take some time to present.
b. include several jokes.
c. entice the audience to want to hear more.
d. review the main points of your speech.
____ 14. You need an effective attention getter in your speech's introduction in order to
a. make a good first impression.
b. create interest in you speech.
c. encourage the audience to listen to you.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 15. A speech's introduction can be enhanced by
a. a timely and appropriate joke.
b. presentation media.
c. visual aids.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 16. Ending your speech with a dramatic statement is one technique for
a. impressing your listeners.
b. achieving balance.
c. making a transition.
d. providing closure.
____ 17. The presentation outline is used for
a. initial topic development.
b. guiding research.
c. developing the preparation outline.
d. practicing a speech.
____ 18. When practicing a speech for extemporaneous delivery, speakers should practice
a. in stages.
b. until they can give a perfect speech.
c. so thoroughly they memorize the entire speech.
d. after writing out the speech word for word.
Name: ______________________ ID: A
____ 19. One strategy for managing your body when giving a speech is:
a. look at your note cards, glance up at the audience.
b. move around the room at a frantic pace.
c. radiate a positive attitude.
d. use pre-planned or staged gestures.
____ 20. On advantage of the ____ delivery method is the speaker can present without any notes.
a. impromptu
b. memorized
c. extemporaneous
d. manuscript
Quiz # 2 Lynch Spring 2010 Com 101 CSN

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