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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today women hold 52% of all professional jobs, represent 54% of college graduates and control and estimated 73% of overall expenses. Law and med school are breaking records each year in number and percentage of female graduates each year. How is this changing society, and how will it impact future decisions?


Berenice said...

WOW! that's crazy!!

Anonymous said...

I was always the bread winner for my family. I think it is positvie for young girls to strive to be succesful and graduate college and have a career and be able to support themselves.

Angela Mains
com 101 HN 4080

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080 said...

My boyfriend better start doing a better job at sucking up to me for the rest of our lives if records are true.

Cameron Rand com101 4044 said...

Its showing the strengths females have now a days, and one day soon, I see the first female becoming president.

Berenice said...

yup yup! so true!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to be a woman that worked as well as got a good education. The world is changing and women have just as much right to bring home the bacon as men do.
Breanna Linsley
com 101 HN 4080

Anonymous said...

It changes society by making it so women are not just reposible for the cooking cleaning and children anymore. we have rights and our opinions matter now. We can make something of ourselves and we have more say it what is going on in our lives. We can choose who we want to marry and if we want a divorce. It will impact future decisions the same it would if all the voters were male again. Just becuase the women are making their way into history doesn't mean that everything is going to have a down fall once a month.. come on people.

Sarah Lindekugel com 101
section 4049

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

Yeeaaaa!! ::Chants:: Wo-men Wo-men Wo-men lol!!!! hey i really think its a great thing. i would love to see more women take leadership roles in the government and political parties. I feel woman have seances that men don't.... i mean don't get me wrong i don't think men are idiots, but there are plenty of things men over look that a women wouldn't! Just my opinion!