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Friday, March 9, 2012


Anonymous said...

The chick just looks like she wants to be part of the pack so bad! She's up on her tippy toes hoping that one of them would even acknowledge her. I hope she made it out alive in this cruel world.

Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080 said...

i've seen this picture a thousands times... the wording is a little differnt though.

Anonymous said...

I can relate because I'm not afraid to have my own oppinion or my own way of doing things.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049

Anonymous said...

Usually its the black chick that's trying to be a part of the yellow chicks. This is cute that it's the other way around!
Breanna Linsley
com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

How cute, ducklings are some of the only baby bird that don't look like bald, mutant aliens when they hatch!
The message is also very true and touching; always try to break free of the crowd!

Sabrina S. Garcia
Com 101 #4049