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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Anonymous said...

The government is slowly, but surely, coming along and being more accepting of what you must have to be a citizen. We'll see where they go with abortion.

Claude marchi com101 hn4080

Cameron Rand com101 4044 said...

I really don't know what to say to this image, but it is ridiculous how we could discriminate against the unborn.

Mike said...

I agree. African slaves are not citizens. Notice that they do not exist in this country anymore? I have. Also, UNBORN humans are not born and therefore have no rights. They cannot speak, they cannot choose a religion, they cannot partake in the press, they cannot bear arms, they cannot vote, they cannot walk talk or breath. I see nothing that makes them have the same rights as I do. "Unborn humans" are nothing more then parasites.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty impactful comparison, but they seem to be two distinct things in my opinion. The picture on the left is about race and the one on the right is about age. I think they both need to be held to different standards. Race doesnt change but age does and there are alot of things that come with experience through age.

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

WoW.... this is deep!! n quite frankly it makes me sad!! how dare the supreme court say ANYone born, unborn, or for that matter conceived in the US is not a person(s) with the rights of citizens!! (also i didn't realize it was so long ago that the S.C. declared that of unborn humans

Anonymous said...

seeing these two things being directly compared is amazing. The world really has changed so much, but the fight of allowing abortion is the next thing to go in this growth and that will definately be a fight that many women are not going to give up so easily!
Breanna Linsley
com 101 4080