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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap


Anonymous said...

lol this is pretty funny. This kid is cool and very smart. I remember making booby traps as a kid. Never anything that was this cool or that even worked lol.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. I was so suprised watching the kid talk about how he knows it will work, but it will probably fail 20 times before he gets to that point. When I was a kid and built these cool things, I knew they worked (because I was just soo smart), but if they didn't work the first time then I definately had no patience to try over and over as it failed.
Breanna Linsley
Com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

I always find Goldberg machines fascinating, but in reality there absolutely pointless wasting unneeded resources to complete a simple task. When I was a kid I would do things like that, but always tried to eliminate any variables in the machine work, because when it comes to that I am sort of a perfectionist. All in all very cool though.
Benny Ventresca COM101-4080

Anonymous said...

This kid is really cool. I really like his idea and what he did. It is true what he said that if you dont succeed the first time, try again until you do. That experiment can relate to our real life sitatuions. Many of us just stop trying at our first failed attempt at something. But if we try it again, we might succeed. Never give up on something that you are passionate about. Im glad that this kid's experiment was a success!

Joseph Contreras HN 4049 COM 101

Anonymous said...

This brought a smile to my face along with childhood memories. It's so much fun using the imagination to create something unique no matter how useless it may be. But if this were made to catch a monster and it had any chance of failure the monster would eat his flesh for dinner!

Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080 said...

genius in the making i tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Really nice to see a kid using his imagination and brain. Kudos to him for succeding after 3 tries.

Angela Mains
comm 101 hn 4080

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

okay for first off this little kid is WAY too cute LOL!!! secondly i love the lesson he learned from this - to never give up and always continue to try!!! this makes me want to build some crazy kind of trap!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow i like that kid! I think its really interesting that he doesn't give up, most kids give up on things on the first try if they can't get it so i like that about that kid. It was really fun to watch.

Stephanie Cardiel Com 4044