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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Auditioning in an RTW State: Another reason for Merger

I looked around the waiting room of a SAG commercial casting the other day and, once again, found myself surrounded by non-union actors. Florida is a Right-to-Work (for less) state. One of many. We are outnumbered by at least 4 to 1 by a very savvy and talented pool of non-union actors who know that they can work our contracts, take up valuable staff time and resources, and make their bones without ever having to join. Then, I go to the various websites, blogs, and Facebook groups - like this one - and see union MEMBERS attacking each other like we're mortal enemies. Then, in my mind, I can see the dozen or so non-union actors smirking at me as they take our jobs. I voted YES to put an end to a war that, if lost, will leave SAG and AFTRA with nothing but sticks and stones to fight with. (Nod to Einstein) I've watched any semblance of civility leave the room in these groups, and it sickens me quite frankly. Argh, I'm rambling now, but God, how I'd like the chance to go about the business of organizing. That can only happen if we become ONE.

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