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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are you better off?

At this point, the old Reagan line -- "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" -- is the one question Romney and the Republican Party doesn't want Americans to ask, because it's so transparently obvious that national conditions have improved considerably.



Anonymous said...

I do believe things are getting better and we should give Obama the credit of trying to fix what was broken before he stepped into office. Thank you for sharing.

Kristian Magtanong
com 101
section 4049

Ana Tinta COM 101-4080 said...

I also believe that things are getting better. They are not the greatest, but you can definitely feel the difference compared to four years ago. I hope that things continue to improve.

Anonymous said...

That is the president's job! If they can't even make our employment rate improve 50% then they're just stealing money from us. $400,000 a year is a lot of money to be paid so you better do your job, and do it right.

-Claude Marchi com101 hn4080

Anonymous said...

The president makes far less then he could as a lawyer, having been the law review editor and a US Senator.

The job of president is far underpaid, no matter who is in the job.

The CEO's, world leaders and corporate moguls he has do confront, do business with or deal with on our behalf make far more or are worth billions.

holly knowlton com 101 4080 said...

am i better off?... well the day i can reach my own independence without relying on someone else is the day ive reached my goal. after that i'll set another goal. probably even higher. baby steps.

Anonymous said...

I agree that I am doing better, It is also hard to do your job when people you are supposed to be working with to better the country refuse to compromise. The President is the only one that makes decisions. The country and its success is based on compromise and when neither party will compromise we can't expect things to get better any faster than they are.

Jesse Steele
Com 101
Section 4080

Anonymous said...

I definately believe we are doing better than four years ago. They are afraid to say anything because so many people wish he would fail even at the cost of the country. In previous presidencies whether the parties believed in the presidents choices the parties would compromise. Its just how it has to work or nothing would ever get solved. The country was going down hill fast before Obama entered into office. Pretty much since 9/11 and the war began. Whether you say it was Bush's fault for the choices he made as president or what. Whatever peoples beliefs are the president has to make a decision whatever he may decide. Of course sometimes the choices may have not been the best one but it takess a lot to make the decision they made.

Krystle Gerber
Com 101 4080
Mon 6-850

Anonymous said...

I am definitely better off than I was four years ago. But, I do not believe that this president or any president has made it that way for me. Its all come from my own hard work and determination. I feel bad for Obama and the mess that he was left with from the Bush era. I don't think Obama is perfect, I think Bush is repulsive. I do not vote Democrat or Republican. I vote for whomever I feel can do the better job. Last time it was Obama...this time it might not be. It will depend on our candidates. I just think the government can affect our lives to a certain extent. I don't let them affect my standard of living or my choices.

Jaimie Kurtz
Com 101 4080
Mon 6-850

fred said...

I think that Obama is doing a great job. Especially given the hand that he was dealt. He came into a very bad situation, if anyone want to say that he is not making the country better and they really feel that way then they need to sit back and look at the bigger picture. At least he is not making it worse.