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Friday, June 29, 2012

Who controls our elections?

Karl Rove painted a target on my 2010 race.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, shady groups – including Rove’s – dumped millions in unregulated cash into Colorado.

Citizens United has turned our electoral system into a silent auction. My Democratic colleagues and I are taking Karl Rove head-on with an amendment to reverse the ruling, but we can't wait to fight back.

The math is tough: Republicans have half as many seats to defend. If they gain just 4 seats, they’re in charge.

Sen. Michael Bennet


Anonymous said...

Madison Harper: Personally as a Republican I don't appreciate articles such as this and the slander of republicans in class. Every one has their own beliefs and while I respect the beliefs of other parties I prefer not to be preached to about them.

Art Lynch said...


No harm is or was intended.

The "preaching" are examples and stimulus for the class. The articles and examples do not necessarily reflect my opinion or views but are met to stimulate discussion, reflection, and an understanding of the communication process. It is understandable that you do not like being "preached" to, most people don't. But preaching is not the intent, and everyone should feel free to have their own convictions. An important part of communication and class discussion is sharing your own views and being willing to other views.

Currently we live in a climate in which civic discourse and communication does not promote respect. As I have discussed prior to this week people generally do not listen well, in fact people, during a conversation, or listening to a speech, are only listening less than 50% of the time, with the other 50% spent thinking or drifting off while the other person is talking.

Read some of the older posts on the differences and links to those.

There is balance.

To get people to think and respond in this MSNBC/FOX/talk radio world it is sometimes necessary to over-state a point or "push" a button. Again, there is no harm intended as I am far more moderate than you may think and your views are as valuable as my own.

However the idea is to get everyone to think critically and you can ask previous students about how the opposite view, when supported by evidence and when it addresses the points in the actual post, is encouraged, appreciated and welcomed!

I am not kidding. I cannot do examples to get students to understand without being honest.

I am open that I am not always right or that there are other views and all the cultural things that go into Noise and Communication.

And My best friends have always been Republican (ask my wife).

As for posts on the blog...the author or anything posted or its sources is given, and is not my view point. It is presented to stimulate disagreement, discussion and critical thinking, and hopefully come strong creative speeches.

This is in the disclaimer and on the first day of class I made that clear, both on in class examples and the blog. There is no agenda and there is no slander (also look up what slander and liable are legally).

Hope this clears things up.

Come out slugging if you do any posts or speech that has a political lean...but do not feel you have to.

It is up to you and I do not grade or judge on point of view (you will learn academic sources, application of the book, and the items on the evaluation sheet is what the grade is based on.

Be open minded enough to know that it is not a class to indoctrinate anyone on politics, history or other issues, but to explain communication.

The political, historic and other examples will continue...

However time is short, so there will be much more of students and student views in class as the term develops.

I find this approach makes for original, more energetic and far more personal achievement for the students in the class.

I am looking forward to your presentation and discussion in class. A range of topics is welcomed, not just politics!

Anonymous said...

The post was by Senator Michael Bennett not the professor.

Ana Tinta Com 101-4080 said...

Silent Auction??? Interesting! Definitely not interested in voting. I won't even bother.