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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who are the Democrats and who are Republican: the answer may surprise you.

As with all demographics these are generalities based on statistics, not descriptions of any individual. Each individual is their own person, with their own beliefs, actions and mores.

People with a graduate degree or higher are far more likely to be Democrats, but much more likely to put social well being and the poor and working class ahead of their own interests.

Higher educated individuals tend to identify themselves as moderates or liberal, in part due to their education and experiences.

There are more millionaires who are Democrats than Republicans, but they are less likely to put their own wealth and share holder profits ahead of jobs in America, health insurance and basic human needs for all Americans.

The actual percentage of the 1%, the wealthiest Americans, are divided along the same political lines as the general population, meaning that 53% are registered Democrats, 41% Republican and the rest "independent" or "no affiliation."

Republicans are far more likely to paint America as in trouble and decline.

Republicans point to social decline and erosion of traditional morals.

Democrats see a decline in their own lives, and turn to tradition and faith as answers.

Republicans see a decline in our morals, and turn to tradition and faith as answers.

Democrats see America as great and the leader in the world and are patriots. So do Republicans.

Democrats do see the glass as half empty on personal matters, from income to living standards.

Democrats are more likely to attend church than Republicans (believe it or not).

Democrats and Republicans both believe in the American Dream, upward mobility, a proud place for America in the world and the future of our children, their children and generations to come. (Both feel the same but claim the other does not).

Democrats and Republicans both believe in patriotism, American and support of the military. Cuts in the budget were mandated by a Republican Congress which spent the last year calling for budget cuts and a balanced budget. The Military has been working on monderisation and a shift in mission for over twenty years, requiring fewer combants in arms and a faster response both technologically and strategic. As an example, 17 nations can now sink an aircraft carrier on the first shot, American bases overseas are within harms way on a first strike by another nation, and there are increasing rogue nations (a far different threat than the Soviet Cold War threat the Baby Boom grew up with).

The reality of the world we live in is...

The US has the strongest military in the world.

The US is the top exporter in the world.

The US is the top importer in the world.

We export more then we import.

Industry and industrial jobs have increased under the Obama administration.

The number of new jobs has grown rapidly under the Obama administration.

Americans ave the third highest standard of living in the world (the top two are "European" states the Republicans say we are wrong in looking at for solutions and change). .

The US just slipped to number two as exporter but is poised to regain number one.

The US has among the lowest unemployment levels in the world (only counties with guaranteed employment are higher).

Is only two generations from providing the war machine and energy to help win a world war on two major and far apart fronts.

Still remains the innovation center for the worlds, with inventions and systems.

Has two of the top five corporations in the world based in the US and employing primarily Americans.

Caught Osama Bin Laden, caught Saddam Hussein, helped free Lybia without the loss of one American life, pulled out of Iraq on schedule, is set to pull out of Afghanistan on schedule, militarily defeated all foes (although in today's religious and philosophical world a military victory may be a long term remains to be see).

The Democrats ended pre-existing condition discrimination and the deaths that it causes, brought women to equality status, allowed for families to save money by insuring students or children living in their home up to age 28....

Sources:  Pew Trust, Gallop, Congressional Record, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, the Journal of American History, the Journal of Political Science.

The US remains the Greatest Nation on Earth, however Republicans love saying we have declines and the fault lies in a president with exactly three years in the job, currently fighting a "just say no" Republican Congress.

First posted 2-2-2012


Anonymous said...

I love the way this was written and my professor talking about this in class. Some may think its a sensitive matter, I believe these to be true statements. I am a Democrat from the City of Chicago. I grew up with Richard Daley, Sr being the mayor FOREVER in Chicago. I agree that as a Democrat that I have had declines in my life and have turned to a more tradition way of life. America is GR8! I grew up knowing what the cold war was. Recently, I went to a safety training and the instructors showed clip with Johnny Carsen, the younger people did not know who he was but they agreed he was funny. What precious the Republicans are really out of control. Why can't we all get a long and think of this GR8 country first and for the people first. It's just about me, me and me. What a pity, will anyone wake up and smell the coffee?

A. Falconetti
comm 101 hn 4049

Ana Tinta COM101-4080 said...

I learned information I did not know. :) It is great to see our country on the top of the list when it comes to export and import.

Brian Rosa said...

The U.S is still number one. I guess thats why so many other countries hate us. Because we belive in freedom and have so much of it not like North Korea where you say something bad about the leader and get your head blown off lol. Republicans don't go to church as much as Democrats?

Brian Rosa COM101-4044

Anonymous said...

Low income, "poor", discriminated minority groups, those struggling and immigrant groups do tend to be church goers and religious.

Anonymous said...

Oh i really don't like the whole politics thing and by reading this I really don't think i want to be a democrat or a republican.

Stephanie Cardiel com101-4044

Anonymous said...

Well put together. The point is we are all closer to each other and things are much better than we think, because political parties and the media want us to feel there is a crisis that does not exist.