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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Senator Patty Murray on being the battle for women's rights

Republicans are seeking to undo health care reform and in doing so return women to having to pay more for insurance for just being women, or to deny coverage. Being female is a pre-existing condition. They are seeking to undo equal pay legislation and discrimination regulations that protect women.

Republican Senators are pushing legislation that will allow any employer to deny women coverage for birth control! Yes, you read that right. Birth control.

What is wrong with these people? More than 98% of American women use or have used contraception. It saves money, and it saves lives, which is why President Obama wants to make sure every woman has access to this critically important part of health care. The Republicans have proved yet again that they are only interested in defeating President Obama.

Sen. Patty Murray


Anonymous said...

This is just a little rediculous. There are so many women that are on birth control and it is nice that insurance covers for most of it. Insurance covers so many medications so why pick on just this one? Picking on Obama should be no reason to pick on women's insurance.
Breanna Linsley COM 4080

Anonymous said...

Fact is that the Republican house is set on undoing health care improvements under Obama for women, including making being a women a pre-existing condition again (costing women more for insurance) and reversing the anti-discrimination laws and regulations put into place under the Obama administration. This is true. Women should vote for OBAMA if they do not want to undo advancements in women's rights and protections.

Anonymous said...

Being a women isn't the only one pre-existing condition. The pre-existing condition rule should exist!! You should not be able to just go get insurance once you are diagnosed with a disease. Yes I as a women have to pay more for insurance but that's because I'm a liability because I am more likely to die. The Preventive Care Act requires employers to provide free birth control. Really? People need to take responsibility for their own actions. I think it should definitely be offered but a company shouldn't be required to offer it.

Chelsee Henderson
Com 1014049