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Monday, December 17, 2012


Ann Power Smith shared a link.
No classroom reform can or should change a simple fact about science. It is hard. It's really, really hard. That is not something we should attempt to paper over. In fact it's something we should celebrate.


Karen Johnson Com-101-4080 said...

I can appreciate the statement by Ann Power Smith that science is "really, really hard". After completing a few science classes myself, the science was complex yet it kept me wanting to know more.

Anonymous said...

I love science. I agree that it can be hard sometimes, but its still really interesting. I'm actually majoring in science and one of the pros of the STEM feild is that they're in demand jobs and you can get huge grants for being in one. I haven't taken any college science classes yet, because I still have to take my math placements, but I'm looking forward too them. Science and math were my favorite subjects in high school actually. Anyway, it was a good article. I enjoyed it.

Rebecca Johnson 4049