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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Making Of: The Dog Strikes Back Commercial


Glubis Valdivieso said...

damn what a smart dog!!!! see this is why dogs are man's best friend. He obey's to ever word they command!!! man I love dogs.

Art Lynch said...

Have you seen "The Artist" or "Beginnings", two award nominated films this year that use the talents of dogs to their best! Both dogs deserve Oscars.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but find it a bit ridiculous how much work they put in for such a short commercial, but this dog is amazing. I wish my dog was half as smart of this dog. This is why I love dogs so much.

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Chelsee Henderson

Anonymous said...

Wow the work that is put into just one commercial is amazing! granit it was a commercial for the super bowl so you know more thought goes into it but still it's almost like making minie movie! And the dog he's more talented then some famous actors!

Gabriela Silva
COM 101- 4049