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Monday, February 6, 2012

Indianna goes RTW...the battle for union rights fuels entertainment unions

SAG-AFTRA...why the time is now, a member perspective.

I might suggest that it's worth considering WHY this move to merge and strengthen the actors unions is happening now, at this moment in US history.

Consider the timing that saw Indiana became the first "Rust Belt" state to adopt right-to-work-(For Less) legislation ( the same week the merger documents were posted online.

Consider the fact that the very notion of collective bargaining and solidarity is under continuous attack (ironically, this story came across ye olde Twitter at the very moment I started writing this: and millions of people who grew up in the Regan era (like me) have been brought to believe that union i
s a dirty word.

This move to strengthen the unions in our industry, which has been such a long time coming, is part of something much bigger in America - a resurgence of our desire across the nation to stand together, to say what we will and won't accept in our workplaces, and to make a better life not just for ourselves, but our neighbors and workmates as well. The time is right to make this happen... this merger will serve as an inspiration to all.

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