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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enter the UltraViolet Cloud!

Studios ally with data-storage vendors for secure media players

The Secure Content Storage Association has been established by 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., together with SanDisk and Western Digital, to develop more secure devices to be incorporated into Blu-ray disc players, Internet-connected televisions and tablet computers. Code-named Project Phoenix, the industry initiative will make use of the cloud-based UltraViolet service to protect copyrighted content. CNET (2/28), Home Media Magazine (2/28)


Anonymous said...

I like what the website looks like, and potentially offers, I see one drawback currently:

Can I add previously purchased movies and TV shows to my UltraViolet account?
Not at this time; however, UltraViolet was designed to support this feature, so if movie/TV studios and/or retailers choose to make such "upgrade" offers available, you'll be able to easily add existing titles to your UltraViolet Account.

I don't want to or have the cash to re-purchase everything I've already purchased just so I can watch it online. While it says they might "upgrade" that'll depend upon the cost and how they are able to determine if you bought it. Also, who has the capitol to purchase everything, with the netflix / hulu plus models you do get items for free for your payment, that you haven't bought flat out.

Keep these coming, i'm looking to replace netflix with something that has what I want to watch.

Ryan Clift
Com 101-4049

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about this, but it sounds like I may see less bootleg movies in the barber shop.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049