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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do Women Earn Less Than Men?

From: LearnLiberty  | Aug 30, 2011  | 12,155 views
Are women discriminated against in the workplace? Looking at the data, women on average earn an annual wage that is approximately 75% that of men, which many people believe is the result of discrimination. However, when Prof. Steve Horwitz analyzes the data more closely, he finds that women make certain choices, such as career selection and raising children, which tend to result in lower wages than men. These choices could be the result of personal preferences or sexist cultural expectations for women's work, though the relative influence of these two factors remains unclear.

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shung lee said...

I believe women do earn less than men because just by looking at the prize money for the PGA and LPGA the difference is much higher payouts for men than women.

Anonymous said...

Men earn less now because women entered the work place. The result s that two or more income households are most often needed to make ends meet. Pay levels overall have women earning less but gaining ground, however in some area women have an advantage and earn far more then men.

Anonymous said...

I think that women earn less than men regarless of the womans education or qualifications. It seems that men have the upper hand in the workforce and make more money.

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