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Friday, July 6, 2012

Com 101 CSN Quiz # 3

Quiz # 3 Spring, 2010 Com 101 Art Lynch

Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Select the best answer.
____ 1. A white board or chalkboard is an excellent way of presenting materials during your speech.
____ 2. Oral materials should be supported with digital slides, not be dominated by them.
____ 3. Informative speakers should keep their presentation media limited and basic.
____ 4. You can easily obtain transparencies relevant to almost any topic simply by searching them out at
any university library, where thousands are on file.
____ 5. Informative speaking involves deepening understanding, raising awareness, or increasing an
audience's knowledge about a topic.
____ 6. All informative speeches should be organized using the topical pattern of organization.
Multiple Choice
Questions by the authors of the text or from repeated lecture and should use the textbook and lecturs as a
basis for determining the best possible answer. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or
answers the question as would be interpirted by the authors of the text book. There may be more than one
correct answer, so you must select the one that is the one inferred in the text and lecture. Reread other
questions if needed to assist in your thought process.
____ 7. It is usually best to distribute handouts when?
a. before your speech
b. during your speech
c. after your speech
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 8. When used in an informative speech, the ____ pattern of organization helps the speaker explain
how someone or something has developed over time.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 9. Arriving at the speech site early and checking on the technical equipment for your speech helps
a. avoid technical problems.
b. increase your confidence that things will go
c. manage your nervousness.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 10. When using digital slides as your presentation media, you should
a. use lots of special effects to hold your
audience's attention.
b. avoid special effects, audiences find them
c. always use bright colors, preferably red and
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 11. To create a sense of personal meaning for a speech to inform the speaker might
a. present a lot of facts.
b. include primarily technical information.
c. tell a story related to the topic.
d. self-disclose highly personal information.
____ 12. If an informative speaker wants to highlight locations or areas in a particular place, then the ____
pattern of organization would be the most effective.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 13. You can us RWA to demonstrate how to do something special on the web, such as displaying
articles found on websites that support your topic. RWA stands for ____?
a. real-world access
b. round the world access
c. real time web access
d. reality web access
____ 14. ____ involves monitoring news sources to analyze and assess the information produced by those
a. Gatewatching
b. Gatekeeping
c. Information selecting
d. Cyber critiquing
____ 15. The ____ pattern of organization is the best one to use for a speech in which the speaker seeks to
demonstrate how to do something.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 16. "The History of Mardi Gras in New Orleans" is an example of an informative speech about
a. objects and places.
b. people and other living creatures.
c. processes.
d. events.
____ 17. One advantage of digital slides and RWA is that
a. they are electronic.
b. you need very little preparation to use them in
your speech.
c. you do not need to face your audience while
using them.
d. you will know what is on the big screen by
observing what is on your computer. screen.
____ 18. Presentation media should do which of the following?
a. help your audience remember you main ideas
b. stimulate an emotional reaction
c. clarify a key point
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 19. An excellent medium for documenting good ideas during a brainstorming session is ____.
a. a document camera
b. overhead transparencies
c. a flip chart
d. a model
____ 20. Which statement best describes the use of presentation media?
a. Use as much media as you can fit into your
b. Keep presentation media simple and brief.
c. Use presentation media only as a last resort.
d. It takes a lot of training to use presentation
Quiz # 3 Spring, 2010 Com 101 Art Lynch

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