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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caucus Counting Troubles Plague Primaries


Republican caucus vote counters seem to be having trouble this primary season. In Iowa, they said Romney won by eight votes, then revised that figure and said Santorum won. In Nevada, they couldn't count 2,000 votes for a day and a half, and then got into a fight about who could vote after sundown at a special caucus for Orthodox Jews.

The question is does a caucus make sense in a computer primary era? Many say "yes" as it leaves selecting a candidate to those whose goal is to elect someone who is  party regular and who can win. Primaries, it is argues, are too populist in cross over votes and "issue of the day."

In reality caucus's were a major reform from the back smoke filled room deals by party "bosses" that dominated politics in the world of Gore Vidal's "The Best Man."

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